Automatic fire extinguishing systems are fire extinguishing systems that work together with fire detection devices and are automatically activated when a fire occurs. These systems quickly extinguish the fire without the need for human intervention when a fire occurs. Automatic fire extinguishing systems are generally used in industrial facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, airports, hotels and similar areas.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems consist of fire detection devices, control panels, spray nozzles, tanks where fire extinguishing agents are stored, pressurization units and similar components. Fire detection devices, when a fire occurs, the system is automatically activated and fire extinguishing agent is sprayed to the fire area. The spray nozzles are directed towards the fire area and the extinguishing agent is sprayed into the area. Extinguishing agents are selected according to the type of fire and the size of the fire zone. Automatic fire extinguishing systems generally use different extinguishing agents such as water, foam, powder and gas extinguishers.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems accelerate the fire extinguishing process, preventing the spread of fire and reducing the damage caused by fire. In addition, automatic fire extinguishing systems protect the safety of people and property, do not harm the environment and offer a sustainable solution.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems have an important place in terms of fire safety. However, when choosing a fire suppression system, the type of fire, the risk of fire, the structure of the building and other factors should be considered. In addition, automatic fire extinguishing systems require regular maintenance and it is important that this maintenance is done regularly.

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