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Air Sampling (Asprating) Fire Detecting System
The active air sampling system, in general, consists of air intake pipes, fan, filter and laser cell. The air, absorbed through the holes above the air sampling tube by the help of the fan, is passed through a filter. Thus, the objects such as dust that could cause false alarms are not allowed to enter into the detection cell. The air coming by passing through the filter is taken into the detection unit. The detection unit consists of a hemisphere, which has a very small aperture that is designed so that only the laser ray could pass through and is also fully reflective and focusing, the laser ray gun that continuously radiate within the sphere, and the light sensor.

Other Application Areas of the Active Air Sampling System
1.    System Salons
2.    High-rise places, such as hangars and warehouses
3.    Cold storages
4.    Transformer rooms
5.    Archive rooms
6.    Dusty places (cement, paint factories)
7.    Museums

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