Fire Extinguishing Equipment
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Fire doors are special doors designed to prevent the spread of fire during a fire and to ensure the safe evacuation of people. Fire doors play an important role as fire safety equipment.

Fire doors are made of fire resistant materials and components such as the door frame, hinges and locking mechanism are fire resistant. Fire doors are adequately closed even under the influence of fire and contain a special seal system designed to prevent the spread of fire. This seal system prevents the openings around the door from being sealed and the flames from spreading to other rooms.

Fire doors are used in various places. For example, it is frequently used in commercial and industrial facilities such as apartment buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Fire doors are also used with fire safety equipment such as fire escapes, fire exits and fire lockers.

Fire doors are extremely important for fire safety. During a fire, fire doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire before it spreads flames and smoke to other rooms. For this reason, fire doors should be regularly checked, maintained and replaced when necessary.

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