FM200 Gas Extinguishing Systems
The most recognized chemical extinguishing gases are HFC227 ea and Novec 1230. Their discharge time is short and they put out the fire fast (10-15 sec.). They are preferred particularly for extinguishing fires of class A solid and electronic materials. They do not have any toxic effect; they are colorless and odorless natural gases. They are not harmful to human health; HFC 227ea does not harm the ozone layer.
•    They are chemically noble and clean;
•    No residue is left after discharge because they evaporate completely.
•    They do not engage in interaction with available devices.

They do not conduct electricity. Within 10 seconds all of the gas is discharged onto the fire area, and the fire is extinguished maximum within 15 seconds from the completion of the discharge. During the discharge no significant temperature drop occurs. The extinguishing gases put out the fire by decreasing the ambient oxygen to below a certain level. They can be used for A (flammable solids), B (flammable liquids) and C (flammable gases) class fires.

Areas of use: Power transfer rooms, generator power sets, engine rooms, recording rooms, cable and installation galleries, electricity distribution rooms / centers, computer rooms, flammable liquid storage areas, painting cabinets, printing houses, industrial ovens, tape, disk, diskette depots, telephone exchanges, telecommunication centers, transformers and power distribution rooms, medical, industrial laboratories and chemistry laboratories, bank safes, archives and libraries, museums and art galleries and so on

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