are automatic fire extinguishing systems that provide fire extinguishing. These systems are especially used in industrial facilities, business centers, shopping centers and similar areas.

Powder fire extinguishing systems respond quickly to the fire area and extinguish the fire. Spraying the powder prevents oxygen from reaching the fire area and prevents the fire from spreading. Powder fire extinguishing systems, in addition to extinguishing the fire, also minimize post-fire damage.

The use of these systems is particularly important in areas where the risk of fire is high. Powder fire extinguishing systems are less harmful than chemical extinguishing agents and are safer for humans. In addition, powder fire extinguishing systems do not damage electrical equipment and do not interfere with their operation.

Powder fire extinguishing systems include many components such as fire detection devices, control panels, powder spray nozzles and powder storage units. Fire detection devices, the system is automatically activated when a fire occurs and the powder spray nozzles are directed to the fire area. Dust storage units store the dust necessary for the rapid spraying of the dust into the fire area.

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