Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Fire extinguishing equipment is the tools, equipment and materials used to control and extinguish the fire when a fire occurs. Firefighting equipment may have different properties for various types of fires. Some common firefighting equipment are:

Mobile Foam Carts: Designed for areas where foam fire suppression systems are not available or where access is difficult.

Fire doors: Fire doors are used to prevent the spread of flames during a fire. Fire doors are made of materials resistant to high temperatures and are located between different sections of buildings.

Fire cabinets: Fire cabinets are cabinets where other fire extinguishing equipment such as fire hydrants, hoses and fire extinguishers are stored. Fire cabinets are designed so that they can be accessed quickly in an emergency.

In addition to these equipment, other equipment such as fire extinguishing systems, fire detection systems, fire extinguishing robots, special fire extinguishing vehicles can be used.

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