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It commences the extinguishing process with the effect of the nitrogen gas, when the detector tube (red in color), fabricated from polymer, is punctured due to heat at 100°C. It is an automatic system that works due to effect of heat without needing any intervention. It is highly efficient because it intervenes directly in the source of the fire.
Since it extinguishes the fire coming out of the source instead of extinguishing the entire fire, it is an easy solution. By means of the manometer, the propellant gas inside it can be monitored.
DIRECT SYSTEM : In this system, detection and extinguishing is done by the same pipe, it immediately detects and extinguishes the fire at the place where the fire starts.
INDIRECT SYSTEM : In addition to the direct system, the system is designed with a special pipeline, nozzles and manual actuator. This system is used for larger cabinets.

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