Co2 Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems
Like other extinguishing gases it is colorless and odorless. They cannot be used in environments where people are present because they extinguish fire by choking off the oxygen. Due to low filling cost it is used commonly. The weight of the carbon dioxide gas is approximately 50% more than the weight of the air. Therefore, the entire volume of the room is appropriate for protection; it is also ideal for object protection with respect to the protection of the equipment like machinery, transformers. Despite the outstanding extinguishing performance of the carbon dioxide gas, there are severe restrictions on its use because it is harmful to human health. If the ambient proportion of the carbon dioxide gas is more than 5%, it poses threat to human health. The proportion of CO2 after discharge is approximately 50%, which constitutes a lethal risk. The room must be very well ventilated after discharge.

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