5 KG Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

5 KG Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
Brand: Ema Defence
  • Weight

    5 kg

Our carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are especially preferred for glowing liquid and gas fires. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are highly effective refrigerants.
Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is one of the fire extinguishers used in the unmanned environment and does not leave any residue on the objects in the environment.

Co2 does not damage the ozone layer and its refillability provides an advantage over other extinguishers.

If we list the main usage areas of our Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher, which has a wide usage area;

We can list them as Transformer Rooms, Power transmission rooms, Flammable liquid tanks, Cable galleries, Electric control panel rooms.
Our carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has no electrical conductivity.

Attention: Since carbon dioxide fire extinguishers reduce the amount of oxygen in the environment, it should not be forgotten that it may be inconvenient to use in the environment where living things are present.

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