Foam fire extinguishing systems are automatic fire extinguishing systems that provide extinguishing the fire by spraying foam formed by mixing foam concentrates and water to extinguish the fire. These systems are generally used in industrial plants, oil refineries, airports, ships and similar areas.

Foam fire extinguishing systems respond quickly to the fire area when a fire occurs and effectively extinguish the fire. Spraying the foam reduces the temperature in the fire area and stops the combustion reaction. Also, the foam prevents oxygen from reaching the fire area and prevents the fire from spreading.

Foam fire extinguishing systems minimize damage during the fire extinguishing process. The foam is denser than water and ensures that less water is sprayed into the fire area. This helps reduce water-related damage.

Foam fire extinguishing systems consist of several components. These are fire detection devices, control panels, spray nozzles, foam tanks, pressurization units and similar components. Fire detection devices, the system is automatically activated when a fire occurs and the foam spray nozzles are directed to the fire area. Foam tanks are used for the storage of foam concentrates. Pressurization units mix the foam concentrates with water and provide the pressure needed to spray the fire area.

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