12 Kg Foam Fire Extinguisher with Trolley

12 Kg Foam Fire Extinguisher with Trolley
Brand: Ema Defence
  • Weight

    12 kg

Our 12 Kg Trolley fire extinguisher is foamy. Car fire extinguisher with a capacity of 12 kg is especially preferred for factories, parking lots, boiler rooms. Our fire extinguisher, which has the ability to act quickly during a fire, saves you time in case of a possible danger.

Our 12 kg fire extinguisher is made of first quality rolled sheet and has a safety valve.

It is effective in B and C class fires.

Class B Fires; Liquid Flammable,Fuel Oil

Class C Fires; Gas Fires

It is not used in electrical fires.

Our company, which operates in Ankara, sends the fire extinguisher quickly with the possibility of cargo outside the city.

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