Fire detection systems are electronic systems designed to quickly detect and alarm in the event of a fire. These systems play an important role in firefighting by preventing the growth of fire by detecting the fire at an early stage.

Fire detection systems include two main types: addressable and conventional. Addressable systems create a network between devices, through a panel that indicates that each device has a specific address and that each device can be tracked individually. Conventional systems, on the other hand, have a group of devices connected to a specific area on a panel.

Fire detection systems are generally sensitive to heat, smoke and sometimes flames. Smoke detectors detect smoke produced in the event of a fire and trigger the alarm, while heat detectors detect high temperatures and trigger the alarm. Flame detectors detect emerging flames in the event of a fire and can trigger an alarm.

Fire detection systems are widely used, especially in large buildings, tunnels, airports, hotels, shopping malls, industrial facilities and other densely populated places. These systems are extremely important to reduce the risk of fire, protect people and property, and have the time necessary to respond to a fire.

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