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Conventional fire detection systems are the most basic and widely used type of fire detection systems. These systems have a simple circuit structure that triggers an alarm when signs of fire are detected in a certain area. Conventional systems are suitable for meeting the needs of small scale and simple structured fire detection systems.

Conventional fire detection systems use detection devices or detectors connected to a certain area. These devices detect signs of fire and send a signal to a control panel. When the control panel receives a signal, it determines which area the fire is in, triggers the alarm and alerts the emergency teams.

Conventional fire detection systems show in which region the fire is located, since the detection points are connected to a certain area. However, pinpointing the exact location of the fire can be more difficult, as detection points cannot pinpoint the area.

Conventional fire detection systems are widely used in small and medium-sized buildings, offices, shops, hotels, schools and so on. These systems are preferred in places with low fire protection needs due to their economical and simple structure.

Conventional fire detection systems may operate less sensitively and slower than other fire detection systems. However, properly designed and installed conventional fire detection systems can assist in the early detection and rapid response of fires.

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