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Vehicle fire extinguishing systems are special systems designed to control fires occurring inside or outside of vehicles. These systems are placed in areas of fire risk, such as fuel, engine oil or electrical systems used in vehicles and help extinguish vehicle fires quickly.

Vehicle fire suppression systems consist of various components. Primarily, a detection mechanism is used to detect the occurrence of the fire. Detection mechanisms may include sensors or devices that respond to heat, smoke and other signs of fire.

Detection systems then ignite the extinguishing agent when a fire occurs. Extinguishing agents are usually chemical aerosol or foaming agents. These substances help extinguish a fire by cutting off the fire's fuel source or lowering oxygen levels.

Vehicle fire extinguishing systems can be used in different vehicle types such as automobiles, buses, trucks, construction equipment, ships and aircraft. These systems help contain vehicle fires quickly and assist in the safe evacuation of people.

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