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Traveling by bus is still one of the most preferred types of travel. Although bus travel has not lost its popularity, with the developing technology, buses have been equipped with features such as air conditioning, television and internet for the comfort of passengers. However, these features also created an excessive need for electricity in buses. This causes a fire as it is overloaded in the electrical installation.
According to a research, it was determined that 80% of the fires in the buses started in the engine area.

In the researches, the majority of bus fires are not related to traffic accidents, but rather come from the engine area. The most common cause of engine fires is excessive electricity demand. Excessive power demand caused by screens, charging units, heaters and lighting in the vehicle causes engine fires.
Another cause of engine fires is the ignition of flammable liquids leaking from the engine with overheating in the engine.

The bus fire detection system has been produced with equipment that will enable the integration of the fire extinguishing system without the need for any hardware changes.
It has the equipment to add the desired number and variety of detectors.
It is easy to install and use.
It is suitable for use in every model bus.
Desired functions can be added with the optional touch color screen feature.
The extinguishing system is activated within seconds, extinguishing the fire without causing any damage to the vehicle. After a fire, the system can be changed quickly and easily.

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