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Emergency Lighting And Guidance

Emergency Lighting and Safety Sign

Emergency luminaire consists of a luminaire, which provides lighting at required level, when a malfunction occurred in the general lighting, so that no dangerous situation arises in terms of life safety, and of the devices that are connected to the luminaires.
Emergency lighting was rendered obligatory by Article 23, and Article 25 of the Statute on Heavy Current Installations issued in the Official Gazette dated November 30, 2000 and numbered 24246. By the “Statute on Protection of Buildings from Fire” issued in the Official Gazette dated July 26, 2002 and numbered 22827, emergency lighting and safety signs were rendered obligatory.
Emergency lighting consists of
1.    Safety Lighting
2.    Back-up Lighting
3.    Routing Sign Lighting groups.

Minimum lighting values must be;
1-) At least 5 lux on the exit ways, at 1 m hight at horizontal axis
2-) At least 2 lux at places where there easily may occur  panics
3-) At least 15 lux in high-risk areas; and %10 of the general lightings.
Note: The “Statute on Protection of Buildings from Fire” requires that the minimum lighting level on escape routes is at least 10 lux.
The routing sign in the emergency lighting system must clearly show the exit ways beside providing a lighting level ensuring orderly evacuation. Maximum visibility distance of the routing sign must be considered as 200 times of the height of the sign.
Emergency Lighting and Safety Sign Luminaires must be installed in places listed below.
•    Emergency exit
•    Stairs
•    Flooring level change
•    Change of direction
•    Along corridors
•    Intersections of the corridors
•    Fire alarm button
•    Fire Extinguishing equipment
•    Exits
•    First Aid box
•    Electrical panel rooms
•    High risk areas


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