Mobile Foam Trolley with 120 Foam Tanks

Mobile Foam Trolley with 120 Foam Tanks
Brand: Ema Defence
  • Foam Chamber

    120 l

  • Extinguishing Capacity

    8 l

  • It has a 120 LT foam reservoir. It is used with foam manager and foam lance.
  • There is a 2" Foam generator (manager) and 2" foam lance on the tank part.
  • Foam filling owing to the wide cap on the tank
  • The capacity of the foam generator is 200 lt/min.
  • Electrostatic powder painted inside and outside. The tank part is made of galvanized sheet.
  • The foam generator (manager) allows you to set the foam percentage between %(1-6).
  • It can shoot at a distance of 15-20 meters between 6-8 Bars.
  • There are 2 balls of 2"/2.5" hose sections on both sides of the tank.
  • There is a hopper in front of and behind the foam trolley that can accommodate up to 30 meters of hose, so that the foam can be conveyed to a total distance of 60 meters.
  • The fire can be intervened in a short time by being easily moved with the carrier car.

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