Eclipse 8+

Eclipse 8+
Brand: Teletek
  • Transformatör

    17 VAC/17 VA

  • Besleme gerilimi

    230 VAC ±10%, fuse 0.63A

  • Yedek Batarya

    Accumulator 12 V/7 Ah

  • Maksimum güç tüketimi

    100 mA

  • Muhafaza kutusu

    ABS plastic box, White

  • Ebatlar

    290 x 240 x 80 mm

  • Çalışma ısı aralığı

    from -10°C to +60°C

Eclipse 8+ is an 8-zone alarm control panel that can expand to 16 zones using zone doubling connections on the wired and wireless expander or circuit board. The panel is designed to secure small residential, commercial, and office spaces. A keypad and/or card reader is used for operating the panel. Full programming can be achieved using a programming keypad or directly via the ProsTE software. For programming, the Installer can choose from three programming modes (addressable, operational, and text menus). The panel has an internal digital communicator and is compatible with a wide range of detectors, communication modules, control devices, as well as operating and programming software

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