TTE GPRS Standard VG

TTE GPRS Standard VG
Brand: Teletek
  • Güç kaynağı

    9-30VDC (tolerans yok)

  • Anlık tüketim

    50 mA

  • Çalışma Frekansı


TTE GPRS Standard VG is an universal communication module. It is used for connection to intruder alarm panels or as a stand-alone device. Serial communication with Teletek Electronics Eclipse series panels or connection with third party panels via its 6 inputs.

The module is available in a voice reporting and voice guide management version. Pre-recorded voice messages on different languages are located on an additional SD card.

TTE GPRS Standard VG is used to send alarm messages to monitoring center or end-user. The module is mounted in small plastic box suitable for wall mounting.
TTE GPRS Standard VG can also be used for remote management, programming and monitoring of the security system together with Teletek Electronics panel and the AJAX SP PRO software application. The module is suitable for realizing of home automation applications.

TTE GPRS Standard VG is certified according the requirements of RED directive and EN60950-1.

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