SR 400

SR 400
Brand: Teletek
  • Güç kaynağı

    9 – 15 VDC

  • Anlık tüketim

    10 mA 270 mA

  • Pil

    9V, 180mAh, dahili

  • Sıklık

    2,8 – 3,1 KHz

  • Çalışma sıcaklığı aralığı

    1,24 kg

  • Boyutlar

    309x197x40 mm

  • Weight

    1.24 kg

SR 400 is an outdoor piezo siren. The siren has blue flash indication and selectable loudness levels. SR 400 is equipped with inner plastic casing for protection of the electronic parts and bidirectional tamper for higher protection.

The siren comes with built-in NiMH battery (9V/ 180mAh).

SR 400 has a flat plastic cover, which is especially suitable for company sticker or logo (size up to 250x120mm).

SR 400 is certified according to EN 50131 Grade 3 Class IV

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