Brand: Teletek
  • Maksimum güç tüketimi

    <2mА @27VDC

  • Besleme gerilimi

    16 ÷ 32VDC

  • Malzeme/Renk

    ABS, Gri

SensoIRIS MIMIC is an addressable module, specially designed for connection to mimic/repeater panels presenting a geographical plan of the fire alarm system. The module is able to control up to 32 LED outputs for indication of different events in the fire system, and is provided with special LED outputs for repeating a FIRE Alarm, Fault and Disablement events directly from the fire alarm control panel. The module has a built-in isolator module which allows continuous operation of the loop in case of module’s failure (without need of using additional isolator modules). SensoIRIS MIMIC module must be powered on from an external power supply unit 12-24VDC. The module is delivered mounted into a plastic box suitable for wall mounting with IP43 rating (recommended to use it only for indoor installations). The SensoIRIS MIMIC module PCB can be mounted also directly into the installation box of the mimic/repeater panel.
  • 32 Outputs for LED control;
  • Two operation modes for LED outputs control:
    – common-anode or common-cathode
    – programmable via jumper on the PCB;
  • Built-in compensating resistors;
  • Built-in isolator module;
  • Easy for operation pluggable connectors for quick wire installation on the site, included into the supplied equipment;
  • Special inputs for LED operation Test, Silence alarm and Reset of the Fire panel, Silence of the module’s
  • Special LED Outputs for repeating the FIRE, Fault and Disablement indication of the fire panel;
  • Separate LED Output for indication of the power supply status of the connected Mimic panel;
  • Enclosure box for wall mounting, IP43

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