Brand: Teletek
  • Maksimum güç tüketimi

    16 – 32VDC

  • Maksimum ses çıkış gücü

    ~ 88dB (A) ± 3dB @ 1m

  • Boyutlar

    105×22 mm

  • Malzeme/Renk

    SAN, şeffaf / Beyaz

  • Terminaller için tel ölçüsü

    0,4 – 2,0 mm2

  • Anlık tüketim

    470 μА @ 27VDC

SensoIRIS CSST is a sounder with strobe with integrated base for SensoIRIS detectors. SensoIRIS CSST is compatible for mounting on all models  standard bases for SensoIRIS devices – SensoIRIS B124 and SensoIRIS B124-HP

The sounder supports 32 different tone types at two sound levels. The tone type and sound level are programmed from the control panel.

The SensoIRIS CSST is compatible for operation with SensoIRIS analogue – addressable detectors series: T110 (IS), S130 (IS) and M140 (IS).

  • One point of installation for detector, sounder and visual indicator with no additional wiring
  • Two sound levels – LOW: 81dB (A) ±3dB@3m; HIGH: 88dB (A) ±3dB@3m
  • 32 tone types selectable from the panel
  • Up to 100 sounders on loop (on low level sound)
  • Frequency of the strobe flashing – 1 Hz
  • Loop synchronization for uniform and clear alarm signal
  • Loop powered
  • Protection Degree – IP21C, type A
  • Compatible with SensoIRIS detector series
  • Compatible with standard bases B124 and B124-HP
  • Optional cover when used only as a sounder

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