Natron WE-A

Natron WE-A
Brand: Teletek
  • Güç kaynağı

    24 VDC ± %10

  • Anlık tüketim

    17mA@24V DC 14mA@24V DC 19mA@20V DC 15mA@20V DC

  • Radyo frekans


  • İletişim Türü

    Çift yönlü

  • Radyo frekans


  • Frekans kanalı sayısı

    6 çift kanal

  • Anten: – Türü – Frekans – Empendans – Yayma türü – Enerji kazancı – Konektör tipi – Ebatlar

    Dipol anten 866-870MHz, Merkez 868MHz 50 Ω Çok yönlü 2 dBi SMA Erkek (Döner) 242×12,5 mm

  • Çalışma sıcaklığı

    -10°C ila +55°C

Natron WE-C is a wireless gateway module designed for operation with conventional fire alarm panels, including MAG series panel, produced by Teletek Electronics JSC. Natron WE-C is powered from external power supply with back-up battery. The module is equipped with special inputs for monitoring the main and back-up power supplies. Up to 5 Natron WE-C wireless getaway modules can be connected to a single conventional fire alarm control panel. Natron WE-C communicates with Natron series wireless devices enrolled to its configuration. Up to 32 wireless devices can be enrolled to each gateway module, giving a total of 160 wireless devices per system.  Natron WE-C is mounted in a compact plastic enclosure box suitable for wall mounting. The information of the status of the enrolled wireless devices is presented on a LCD text display. The programming of the wireless devices parameters is from the module menus. A dipole SMA type antenna is supplied with the expander module to ensure wide covering range and stable communication with the enrolled wireless device

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