GAS Detector H-220

GAS Detector H-220
Brand: Teletek
  • Güç kaynağı


  • Maksimum güç tüketimi


  • Alarm durumunda RI klemensinde azami akım (klemensler 4/1)

    ≥ 85dB

  • Boyutlar


  • Weight

    0.200 kg

SensoIRIS GAS is addressable gas, LPG and CH4 (Methane), leakage detector. When flammable gas is present in concentrations, higher than the dangerous, threshold alarm level is activated. Red indicator lights on and buzzer is turned on. Gas detector has auto diagnostic function. It continuously checks sensor and electronics status. If problem with sensor or electronics yellow LED is activated, green LED blinks and sound signal is activated.


SensoIRIS GAS features a button with the following functions:

  • If short pressed “SILENCING” mode is activated. Green LED flashes, buzzer and panel activation are disabled for 5min;
  • If pressed for more than 5 seconds “TEST” mode is activated. In this case green, red and yellow LED’s are activated. Panel and buzzer are activated, too. After 6 seconds gas detector emits 2 short sounds and leaves “TEST” mode.

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