Eclipse 99

Eclipse 99
Brand: Teletek
  • Güç kaynağı

    230VAC +10%/-15%

  • Radyo frekans


  • Transformatör

    21VAC/50 VA

  • Çıkış gücü

    13.8VDC/2.5A otomatik

  • Çalışma ısı aralığı

    0°C ila +50°C aras

  • Malzeme/Renk

    ABS plastik, beyaz

  • Ebatlar


Eclipse 99 is an alarm control panel designed for the protection of large-scale residences, commercial, and office spaces. It comes with 8 physical inputs and can expand up to a maximum of 99 zones. The panel supports 16 groups, each individually programmable. It provides a reliable solution for systems requiring access control and management. The panel can be managed using a keypad and/or card reader. Programming is done through the keypad or directly via the ProsTE software. Additional monitoring and management capabilities are provided through the MobileTTE (iOS/Android)* mobile application. The system allows the installer to choose from 3 different programming modes – 4-digit addresses, 3-digit operations, or text menus (tree structure).

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