Eclipse 32

Eclipse 32
Brand: Teletek
  • Transformatör

    21 VAC /23 VA

  • Akü

    12 V / 7 Ah

  • Anlık tüketim

    100 mA

  • Çıkış gücü

    13.8 VDC / 1A

  • Çalışma sıcaklığı

    0°C / +50°C arası

  • Muhafaza kutusu

    Beyaz, plastik

  • Ebatlar

    335 x 290 x 105 mm

Eclipse 32 comes with 8 detector inputs, and zone balancing is provided with 1 or 2 balancing resistor elements or dual connections to determine the balance type of each input. The hardware system allows the installer to choose from 9 zone connection types. The full configuration of 32 zones is achieved by dual connection (16 logical zones) and adding an additional 8-zone expansion module (logically 16) or by adding three additional zone expansion modules without dual connection.

Key Advantages:

  • Up to 32 freely programmable zones
  • 8 independently controllable groups
  • Programming via keypad or directly from a computer using ProsTE software
  • 3 different types of programming according to the installer's preference
  • Capability to connect up to 30 devices to the data path
  • Compatibility with all types of environmental devices and communication modules produced by Teletek Electronics

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